Fire Accessories

When you’ve invested both time and money in the best fire safety equipment for your business, it pays to go that extra mile and get the right accessories.

Double fire extinguisher boxEconomy double extinguisher stand

Extinguisher Stands

Every office, warehouse, shop and home needs the protection of a Fire Extinguisher in case of fire. But, while having one is useful, to comply with the Fire Regulations, it needs to be fixed in a visible position, ready for use.

Using an extinguisher stand, you can place your fire extinguisher somewhere safe and secure within easy reach. Plus, it saves drilling into a wall to fix a little bracket firmly enough to hang a 15kg (the average weight of the common 9 litre size) extinguisher on.

Extinguisher Cabinets

Fire Extinguishers need to be wherever you need them, and this may involve being placed outside in super-strong fire extinguisher boxes that are available as standard, extra-tall (for a 5kg CO2), and double extinguisher box  size. Extinguisher cabinets also prevent them being moved around, and keep them safe from non-malicious damage. Our rotationally moulded polyethylene boxes have windows and secure rubber seals, and can be used both inside and outside, for added security.

Extinguisher Covers

Over time, even in a safe working environment, your fire extinguishers are bound to accumulate dust, and suffer from the odd coffee spill or paint splash. Their annual maintenance inspection should include a clean, but why not keep them smart and sparkling all year round. These tough red covers include a window so you can always see what type of extinguisher is inside, and have Velcro tabs at the rear to keep the cover in place when need, and for quick removal when not. They also are a great tamper-resistant barrier for the wood-be fire extinguisher fiddler!