Fire Safety Training

Fire training for your employees is a legal requirement. The level of training depends on the results of your fire risk assessment. Guidance on fire safety training needs can be found in the provisions of the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006. We are able to give advice on your specific training needs and a training solution that will help you comply with the current legislation.

Fire training should be delivered at the location where your delegates are based if possible. This ensures it reflects the fire risk profile of your premises and takes account of your specific fire procedures including your emergency plan. All Cobra Fire Protection Training courses are delivered at our clients’ sites and we use a pre-course consultation phase to ensure all aspects of the training meets clients’ expectations.

All employees need a certain level of training and information. As a minimum, new starters need a basic induction which covers the alarm system, emergency procedures and means of escape from the building. Staff need to know what type of fire-fighting equipment you have on the premises and the safety considerations of their use. Fire training must also take account of the role that each person performs and the level of fire safety responsibility they are given.

The role of the Fire Marshal (or Fire Warden) carries a number of specific responsibilities which can vary from one company to another. Specific training tailored to these roles should be given to all Fire Marshals and this should include practical fire extinguisher tuition and practice. Their role in an evacuation is vitally important to the safety of all building occupants and this topic must be explored in detail with reference to company emergency procedures.

It is essential that all fire safety training is repeated on a regular basis. Our courses are certificated for 1 to 3 years depending on your company policy on the topic.

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